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LeonBelmontX's gameplay for God of War II (PS2)

LeonBelmontX played God of War II

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I had a loooong marathon today... prepare for plenty of spoilers - don't read this if you don't want to know anything regarding the game's bosses and such!

Defeated Eurayle, the first time she killed me, but the second time I absolutely destroyed her - it seems to be one of those battles where you just get worn down if you don't do it fast. Progressed further into the temple - I noticed the enemies are a bit tougher than those of God of War 1, with some of the enemies having new attacks such as projectiles.

I next encountered Perseus, although he's fairly simple looking I really enjoy the fight, the more one-on-one feel. Shame you can't keep his shield, though! I do feel a bit sorry for Perseus, though - he seemed to be a lot more human, and perhaps not evil, than some of the monsters Kratos destroys along the way.

Acquired the Spear of Destiny, a weapon that always reminds me of the spear Jaques obtains in Onimusha 3 - a more whip-like, flexible spear. I like it, though :)

Next up was the fight with Icarus - one of my favourite parts of the game. I love his crazed talk and the QTE-freefall-brawl is so satisfying - and the wings are a really cool item that I'm glad will be returning in God of War III. Then I ended up by Atlas; this is the first time I've played GOW: COO so it's the first time I understood that Kratos had been the one to chain Atlas to the world - and that just made it so much cooler :) The game is even more epic than I remembered, learning the history of the war between Zeus and the Titans.

Fought my third rock minotaur sub boss along the way - these are probably my worst part of God of War II, since they feel a little like cut-and-paste filler fights. I love the game, but the rock minotaurs feel a bit boring and easy to me. Perhaps its just the lack of flesh and organs to do gory things to, who knows. Just compared to the rest of the bosses the game has to offer, they feel a little dull and simplistic. The minotaur fight in GoW1 was fantastic, but I wouldn't want to fight *that* three times in one game.

As always the puzzles got harder, lots of spikes and moving platforms with flying enemies - but as of this point nothing too frustrating, and I reached the next main section, the Auditorium.

This section has always stuck in my mind - partly because I never enjoy escort/protecting missions, and partly just to the sheer brutality of it (again, more because the victim is human, rather than the actual action being any more gory than anything seen before). Regardless, after a LOT of fighting, I managed to keep alive, and sacrifice the translator. A few of the puzzles kept me thinking, and I sacrificed the second translator once I'd solved that little mind-game, before rising the Phoenix, defeating the Kraken (or whatever it was), and then rode the Phoenix to the next area of the game. I loved the silhouette battle during those parts - a very memorable moment, even though it wasn't particularly challenging.

Maxed out my Blades of Chaos by this point, which is always a priority for me in God of War titles. After taking some time to work out the puzzle within the Temple of the Fates, I finally reached the Throne of Lahkesis to meet the first of the Sisters of Fate. After the first round, the second joined and I defeated Lahkesis and Atropos before moving on to the giant, ugly Clotho.

This was a battle that I remember getting a little stumped on before - but for some reason this time there seemed no real problems and it all made sense... maybe it was simply because I knew how the fight would end, therefore giving me an idea of my general objective and method. Anyway, with the last sister dead, I headed for the mirrors to reach the final section of the game.

The final boss was as long and spectacular as I remembered, and although I died once at the very start I managed to stay alive for rest of the fight, coming close to death a few times but eventually succeeding.

Then, hours after I started playing today, I finally reached the cliffhanger ending that will lead into God of War III... I can't wait for the next chapter of this game!

...what a day!
God of War II

God of War II (PS2)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 13/MAR/07
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I thought Icarus was good... But this is God of War II, everyone's trying to kill you.
Well he wasn't really bad... he was a bit loopy and Kratos went to steal his wings to use them for himself :P
Initially Icarus attacked Kratos, it was when Icarus realized that he was nowhere near as strong as Kratos that he begged for mercy and said we should work together.

Don't cross him, ever, he kills.
Hmm, Icarus doesnt go for Kratos until Kratos says he will use Icarus' wings himself and grabs him. I'm pretty sure Kratos had made his intentions clear before Icarus made any move to hurt him. Before that point, Icarus merely told Kratos to leave.

Here's the clip, skip to 6:30. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sxF01GRGHY&feature=related
I hated every extra weapon in the series.
I don't really. The extra weapons in COO and GoW1 were quite simple but they made up for that in power, offering a decent alternative. In GoW2, however, most of them do seem underpowered or simply not as good as the Blades of Athena, which is a shame. I personally think it's just because the Blades of Athena are such an awesome weapon :P
@LeonBelmontX 1 wtf is COO and 2 The only extra weapon I used was the one Zeus tricks you with in the begining of GoW2 and the huge sword from GoW1 and I only used that one at the very end of the game.
COO = Chains of Olympus, the PSP title. As you said series (and COO is identical to the other two games in gameplay), I just thought you were including that as well. It had a gauntlet as a second weapon which was pretty good.

The sword in God of War 1 was the only extra weapon but I quite liked it, when facing the lesser enemies it could hack them down much quicker than the Blades of Chaos and was pretty good.

I agree with GoW2, though - I would have liked the Hammer but you lost the ability to evade which didn't really seem like a fair trade off for the power of it.
@LeonBelmontX I forgot all about COO.... I've played it, but never beat it.
Ah you should - it's a bit shorter, but I love the story. It links in with GoW2 as well (concerning Atlas, who remembers him when they meet again in GoW2)
@LeonBelmontX I noticed that in 2 Atlas knew Kratos and was VERY hostile towards him.
@tinyadeadhomie Yeah, that's covered in COO. In my blog post, I said what Kratos did to Atlas in COO, so if you want to know just check it there ;)
@LeonBelmontX I read it. I would love to complete COO but lack of a PSP is a problem.
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