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Plus XP: Exclusive interview with Perfect Dark XBLA producer, Nick Ferguson

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LeonBelmontX said...
  • excited
This is probably my biggest achievement in game journalism to date - an exclusive interview with the producer of the Xbox Live Arcade version of Perfect Dark. Even got some news on AI simulants and a UK release date!

One of my proudest days :)

Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark (N64)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 23/MAY/00
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Good job man.
@LeonBelmontX OMG I would get a 360 just for PD, great article man.

Perfect Dark on the SEXBOX 360!!!


So buying it when it comes out~

<3 &heart;
I completely missed out on Perfect Dark the first time around - I've only played it once or twice on a friends N64. I'm very much looking forward to a XBLA release!
@MonkeyConQueso IMHO PD makes Goldeneye and Halo look like rubbish.
Here here! @timyadeadhomie



Hmm--the release date is on the seventeenth... need to figure out if my purchasing issues on the Sexbox 360 are over by then...

As it will not be a Sexbox 360 without Johanna Dark and me playing through Perfect Dark~

Pretty nice, just in time for my bigger 360 HD.
@timyadeadhomie Let me count the hours that I spent shooting at my friends with Goldeneye 64... I loved that game. I didn't get nearly as much play time out of Perfect Dark due to not being good friends with the person who had it. I didn't have an N64 myself during that period of time either, sadly.
Nice, never had an n64 but this game looks decent, ill probly pick it up
I wish I could play this...
But anyway, congrats dude. Didn't know you worked as a Game Journalism person.
@LeonBelmontX That's cool. I'm happy for you.

I'm not gonna lie. I'm gonna laugh when nostalgia kicks y'all in the balls.
@xoaks Hasn't happened to me yet!
@EarthboundX That's because you haven't played Perfect Dark HD yet.
@xoaks Something tells me you played Perfect Dark Zero, man that game was bad.

It's so bad you can get new copies of the Collector's Edition, online for just a few bucks, guess no one wants them.
@EarthboundX I really liked zero.
@Linked713 I plan to give it another try, like I said, I could get the CE for a few bucks.

It was one of the first 360 games I ever played, I don't remember good things.

The one thing I do remember, they turned Johnna into a vapid airhead.
In fact, just bought it.
If I had a 360 I would own PD Zero.
Wow, just got Bioshock 2 new for 25 bucks.
I always enjoy seeing slightly older games get more attention, especially when they were overlooked for the most part when originally released. Perfect Dark for the Live Arcade seems to be a good example of this, and I'm tempted to buy it, since when it originally was released my only video game system was a gameboy. Haven't made up my mind completely though, because I tend to get a bit of motion sickness from FPS games in general... Still whether or not I get it, I admire the 360's quickly growing collection of quality ports of games that people otherwise probably wouldn't ever get around to buying, and I'm glad to see that that trend is continuing. Now if only someone would come out with a game about a plumber who is like, also an action hero, and had like, super jumping powers or something, but his like, breath was so bad from all the pasta he ate that he could like, kill enemies with it because he breathed FIRE or something then video games would be complete...
@Akrahun I would love to see that game made. It sounds SUPER fun. What would his name be though? Would he have any side kicks or siblings? What's his goal? What about the setting, where does all that take place?
I dunno. Come to think of it it would probably be pretty hard to market. It'd end up like okami or something, and have all the critics raving but do so poorly for sales all over the world that it'd drive whatever retards made it out of business.
@Akrahun Probably, but who makes games for money.
Heh, @xoaks , maybe I should load up Perfect Dark onto my N64 to see if I have forgotten anything about the game. I mean--it has been around a year and a half since I last played it.

As per Perfect Dark Zero... I kind of enjoyed it. The Multiplayer, however, sucked.

As per seeing it in HD... my old 80$CAD Pawn Shop special CRT Tv counters that X3

Right, @EarthboundX , it (nostalgia biting you) has not happened yet because--well... we have argued this in other threads. Particularly whenever the production quality of LoZ:LttP comes up. Or why I have no idea why people are fapping to Ninja Gaiden.

So, yeah, going to have to agree with you here @EarthboundX in that I do not think it is possible for nostalgia to come up and bite you.
@Akrahun Okami is/was awesome, it's the closest of any game I've played that felt like the Zelda series, which I think is what they were going for.
@KatrinaTheLamia I just meant, any of the games I thought were awesome when I was young, and still awesome when I play them now.
Right, @EarthboundX , now that we got the definition of nostalgia out of the way, we can move on. =P
I was a huge fans of the older Ninja Gaidens when I was younger. Has anyone else here gotten the 201% completion on PD?
@EarthboundX Agreed in general about Okami, although I felt it had a bit of a different... something to it than Zelda. Didn't stop me from getting 100% everything in it though, including all 99 frikkin' beads... Still, sucks that it sold so little that Clover was shut down by Capcom, with them siting it's lack of sales. On the other hand, ironic that they then pretty much got back together (under a different name, of course) backed by sega to make arguably the most violent Wii title in existence. (mad world, for those who don't know). Anyway, back to Perfect Dark, I think that admittedly a bit of the appeal IS legitimate nostalgia, but I don't think that really takes away from the game. Is it slightly dated in some aspects compared to more recent FPS games, and will the remake still be? I'm guessing yes on both accounts. On the other hand, Goldeneye is still one of the most popular FPS console games of all time, and it's based off of that same engine, and going back further there is still an active counter strike and even Doom community, for god's sake. So old and slightly archaic doesn't necessarily spell doom with FPS games, when compared to certain other genres. Their fans in general seem to have a much longer attention span for single games than many other types of gamers do, probably in part due to the infinite replayability of their multi-player modes as compared to certain other games. After all, there's only so many ways Aerith can die, but every head shot is a unique experience...
Nostalgia can be a bit of a double edged sword - on one hand it might make you remember something to be better than you actually find it to be when you play it again, but sometimes it also lets you appreciate older games you once enjoyed in a way that new players can't quite see.

I'm expecting the game to be a bit of a drop from my memories, but I still think it'll be a fun nostalgic experience. And I do love me the laptop gun.
Nostalgia also makes you buy scratched-up disks at Goodwill in the hope that they might be readable and you might be able to play an old favorite again.
You will note, @Akrahun , that in another posting, referring to Halo 3 OSDT, most of the stuff that the Halo series had done that was noted as revolutionary was done by Goldeneye and Perfect Dark prior to it being done by Halo.

I dunno--as per the "going back further"--I think the people who enjoy games older than Goldeneye, such as Doom and Quake--well, it is mostly because the games run on older systems without much for issues. The graphics, yes, are worse--as even if you up the polygons in the Quake engine (no idea the algorithm rating on the Quake 2 graphics... even with it at 2O you could do quite a bit more polygons) the textures would still look fairly fugly.

However, it is mostly the power that the Doom 2 and Quake engines showed at such an early date--without much for revolutionary improvements since then.

I mean--while the latest engines tend to have updates on network rates, texturing abilities and possible improvements to the polygonal routines--there really has not been much added to the series since Doom II and Quake.

I will agree though, that it is a bit of strut down memory lane--to see what all has improved, and what has not, in the case of Quake and Doom 2.

However, with the case of Perfect Dark, it had a "decent" story. One that had a fair amount of replay value to see various nuances. Considering it was an FPS from ~1997, what story it does have is rather amazing to have been included.

It takes the player into a rather well done Cyberpunk world where you play as a spy. Which, had been done a few times in games before that--as science fiction is a fairly normal staple of FPS. It ended up getting done much more since then (Halflife and Halo being two other overly scifi FPS--with the Halflife series nicely reflecting the dystopia element of Perfect Dark's cyberpunk genre, even though I would be hard pressed to limit Halflife into the Cyberpunk subsubgenre of dystopian scifi).

Perfect Dark, was also known for its simulants. Which is why it is important to have in PD Live!

I mean--the most fun matches I had usually involved me, a few friends and an insane amount of "Dark Peace Sims" on a single team. That is Peace Sims with their AI levels to the max level. They would not kill you, so much as disarm you (which was similar to getting punched in the face--you lost small amounts of health and got dizzy... except here you lost your weapon)

I mean--I loved the experience I had, when dealing with a team of eight Dark Peace Sims.

Maybe pepper a match with a Vendetta Sim in there--and the matches have became automatically interesting.

As the Simulants added a distinctly nonhuman element into the match that caused the match to shift its balance to figuring out the simulant's mind set, as well as my friends' mind sets.

Then we have the Laptop gun--which really is not that big of a deal any more, now that placing down sentries in games is not a noteworthy element.

Moving on, we have the N-Bombs (I think they were). Set up a match with those filling every weapon slot, with the exception of one (being some crap ass gun, likely), add a few simulants that are likely to use N-Bombs.. maybe put one slot with a Boost...

Instant fun X3

Though, I admit, the Farscope was a big time game breaker.
I like the Halo games, but there are many, many, many better FPS games/series.
@EarthboundX I agree 100% @KatrinaTheLamia That was way too long to read.
@timyadeadhomie Basically she said that peoples do still play the older games for nostalgia, yes, but they also play them because a. not a huge amount has changed since then, and even most of the "revolutionary" modern titles such as the halo series have nothing too newfangled which hasn't been done before, and because they are easy on your computer. She then went on to mention strengths of PD specifically, such as it's unusual (for the time) focus on story, and it's creative weapons, as well as the odd amounts of stuff you could do with the computer controlled enemies. Or at least that's what I got from her post. It was rather longish.

For what it's worth, btw, I agree on all points in general, and have no reason to doubt the PD ones in specific. I think I was trying to say mostly the same thing, I just wasn't the most effective at doing so. honestly, I normally am half asleep when I check for updates on this site. It's my bedtime reading.
Yeah, @Akrahun , you got the just of it.
@timyadeadhomie I managed just fine :P

Really, I think Perfect Dark is just for fans of the original, or at a stretch GoldenEye fanatics. It was a fine game for it's time, and although there are more powerful games around now - there's no reason it should be forgotten altogether :)
@timyadeadhomie I managed just fine :P

Really, I think Perfect Dark is just for fans of the original, or at a stretch GoldenEye fanatics. It was a fine game for it's time, and although there are more powerful games around now - there's no reason it should be forgotten altogether :)
Well, yes, @LeonBelmontX , but then, I am of the opinion that there is no reason to forget most games. Well, most games that do there job of presenting and "enjoyable" experience for the user. Mind you, quote used here as many people enjoy literary tragedies, but not in the typical manner.
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