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Plus XP: The Perfect Rivival

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LeonBelmontX said...
  • excited
Great news! The classic Perfect Dark is coming to Xbox Live Arcade! Check out the article on Plus XP!

Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark (N64)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 23/MAY/00
Emblem for Plus XP

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Plus XP

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That is awesome news. I read your blog. And I pimped it on my GamingLives Twitter page
Perfect Dark? What is this sort of game?
Dude is that YOU taking pictures with Jessica Chobot, from Xbox Live Strategizeres?
@Vice_Destroyer Thanks Vice :)
@BlairTheGod it's an N64 FPS, a game produced by Rare after GoldenEye in a similar vein. The article covers it all ;)
@funkzillabot Nope, you're probably talking about my fellow writer, Mark Boss. He loves Chobot to pieces and always nabs photos when he can.

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